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Glass Scratch Removal
Repair & Prevent Instead of Replace

Physical damage to windows, doors, and other building materials often present a building owner with an expensive replacement or repair cost. We can offer our clients an economical, alternate solution to replacement by removing etchings and scratches and providing a sacrificial layer to prevent further vandal damage to the window.

It's no secret that the new thing in grafitti is etchings in windows. Aardvark Window Cleaning, Inc. can help. We have already performed Glass Scratch Removal Services for many businesses in the Tucson Area including
Cartridge World, DeWitt Designs, BFL Construction, Superior Chiropractic Centers, RHD Construction, Outpost Development, American Family Insurance and several residential homes as well.

Scratch Removal Services we offer are, Stain Removal, Scratch Removal, Graffiti Removal, Acid Etched Glass, and Glass Scratch Prevention.

Read our Press Release and remember to check back often for more information on this growing trend.

Before Buffing After Buffing Dewitt Designs:

"This is a very cost effective option to an unfortunate situation" -
Sherri, Dewitt Designs

Cartridge World Tucson - -

"Before we moved into our newest location our windows had been scratched with graffiti. I never knew it was possible but Aardvark Window Cleaning, Inc. was able to remove the scratches, restore clarity and with minimum distortion. In addition, their scratch removal method was considerably less than having to replace the glass. I was happy with the results and recommend Aardvark Window Cleaning, Inc." Chuck Sawyer - Cartridge World Tucson AZ.

Superior Chiropractic Centers - -

Dear George,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your business for the great job you did at my practice. When I came into my office and saw the windows vandalized with scratches, I thought I was looking at replacing two double pane windows at a tremendous cost. Your man came out and buffed the scratches out in no time. The windows look brand new and the cost was minimal compared to replacement, even with my insurance coverage. Thanks for such great care and service.


Jeff H. Peterson, D.C.